5th Annual Meadow City Music Festival September 28 – October 2

Music gives soul to the universe.



Do melodies pop into your head from nowhere? Or maybe you’re already out there sharing your songs and want to take it to the NEXT LEVEL; whatever your background, this meeting of songwriter minds will inform and inspire! This gathering, featuring professionals from the Music Festival roster, will culminate in an informal public showcase of participants’ songs.  Bring your guitar, banjo, ukelele, etc! Keyboard will be provided. Contact: Kevin Zoernig. 505-699-6624

Plaza Hotel, Saturday, Oct. 1 | 9:30 – 11:00 am | SHOWCASE 11:00-11:30 am


Do you play BASS, GUITAR, DRUMS, or KEYBOARDS? Want to  hone your skills as an ensemble player?  ALL genres and backgrounds welcome!  You’ll be jamming with advanced college students and seasoned professionals; guaranteed to help you take your ensemble ambitions to the NEXT LEVEL!  Bring your Axe – amps, drums, keyboard and PA provided. Contact: Kevin Zoernig. 505-699-6624

NMHU Music Building Band Room, Saturday, Oct. 1 | 1:30 – 3:30 pm


Do you now sit down and play THAT SONG with grim determination when faced with a piano, because it’s the only song you know? Is your appreciation of fine musicians tinged with the bitter thought that you have a “TIN EAR” and “CAN’T CARRY A TUNE IN A BASKET”? Bring guitars,wind instruments,etc.  Piano provided. Contact: Kevin Zoernig. 505-699-6624

NMHU Music Building Bandroom, Saturday, Oct 1  | 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Heart’s Journeys Abigail Lumsden, a gifted violinist and pianist with a beautifully expressive voice, reaches audiences with the American Songbook, jazz and her own compositions. With her pianist husband Les Horan, she released “Imagine Your Heart’s Journey” last year to critical and popular acclaim. These Upper West Side New Yorkers are delighted to be performing in the Plaza Hotel ballroom with its new concert grand piano.

Abe Garcia & Strings Attached and Karliz DeMarco

Vanilla Pop Vanilla Pop swings into Las Vegas with songs that will get your hands clapping and your feet tapping! Greg Thum and Al Vetter are known as the “coolest, hippest, swing-est band around.” Be prepared to dance up a storm!

The Al Schackman/O’Shea Band featuring Nick Branch Ollie O’Shea, originally from Chicago, plays blue grass, country, western, swing and 30’s jazz. His favorite instrument is the fiddle and with his band, he’ll share the stage with Al Schackman, former guitarist and musical director for Nina Simone. Also on deck is talented guitarist and song writer Nick Branch. With this multitude of talent, expect anything and prepared to be amazed!

Boris & The Saltlicks Santa Fe to Las Vegas isn’t so far away for Boris McCutcheon to travel. He’s traveled much farther!  From Woods Hole, MA where he was born to gigs at Lincoln Center, around the USA and in The Netherlands. Along the way, he’s composed and performed raw, whimsical and haunting songs that speak in a country-idiom to the souls of his audience. He’ll be sharing the stage with the Salt Licks: Paul, Susan and Brett. Come let them take your breath away.

Brenda Ortega With Kindred Spirits Las Vegas’s award-winning sweetheart Brenda Ortega never fails to thrill with her fine-tuned musicality. Singing in English and Spanish, she reaches her audience with ease. Kindred Spirit embodies the range of musical repertoire to match Brenda’s wide variety of song.

Danny Duran & The Slo’ Burnin’ Band From a slow two-step to a crazy wild beat, you’ll just have to get off your butt when Danny and the Slo’ Burnin’ Band takes the stage.

LowDown Daddies The Low Down Daddies harmonica-laden blues bring you down just low enough so you can uplift your spirit.

Mp2 Small-town Singer/songwriter, Leigh Ann Marez, has been at it for a while.  She has been writing, composing, singing and performing all her life. Music collaboration with co-writer, Gary Persons, began over 15 years ago when the two teamed up to record some of Leigh Ann’s music in Gary’s back yard studio.  Their music encompasses a combination of sounds including country, blues, gospel, folk and soft rock.

Jeff Romero Since age 6, Jeff Romero has been strumming his guitar. Over the last 26 years, he has incorporated classical guitar techniques into a unique style reflecting the genres of music (Jazz, Blues, Rock, and R&B) he has explored. With special guest Bruce Holmes on alto saxophone.

Impalas Just a bunch of guys playing for their sweethearts for the last 40 years. You will recognize the Impalas’ songs and may hear your name called.

Sound of Montezuma Jazz and pop from a trio of the United World College’s finest student musicians!

Nosotros Nosotros seamlessly combines Latin rhythms with elements of Rock, Salsa, Jazz and Cumbia creating an original sound that is unmistakably Nosotros. M.E. Schenck of Hyperactive Music Magazine may have interpreted their sound best by saying “Nosotros’ music is not to be explained, it is to be felt in the pit of our souls.” Nominated for seven 2016 New Mexico Music Awards, including “Best Latin Release,” “Best World Release” and “Best Original Arrangement.” Winner of three New Mexico music awards, Nosotros will grip your very soul with their original multifaceted Latin sound mixed with Rock, Salsa, Jazz, and Cumbia.

Smooth Riders Jazz with their solid rhythm section features Edward Harrington and Kevin Zoernig. Add Bruce Holmes on alto saxophone and the beautiful voice of Nita Lujan, and you’ll be smooth riding!

Half Broke Horses Half Broke Horses ride into town from Santa Fe to get your boots on the dance floor swinging to their special blend of Honky-Tonk and Americana.

Todd Tijerina Band Todd Tijerina brings a unique blend of Blues, Funk, Roots, and Jazz to his live and recorded performances. Tijerina is headed for the big time so expect to hear more from him.

Yasuhiko Shigemura Bluesman from Japan rocks with New Mexico bluesman. Over the last 26 years, Jeff Romero has incorporated classical guitar techniques into a unique style reflecting many genres of music (Jazz, Blues, Rock, and R&B). Yasuhiko Shigemura (a.k.a., Dynamite Shige) is a Japanese singer-songwriter who brings his guitar and harmonica from Tokyo to play with Jeff. The two jammed in the Plaza Hotel bar two years ago and it was instant karma.


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